Our advisors will inform you of the market value and give you guidance with regards the sale potential should you wish to sell or obtain a quote for your piano.

Do you want to sell your piano?

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Hinves swap deals

Please review the specific conditions with our sales advisor
Premium revamp
Get a superb price for your old piano when you purchase a piano from the Steinway & Sons family range
Medium revamp
Swap your current piano with any professional Boston model
Basic revamp
The best opportunity to swap your piano for an advanced Essex instrument

How does the Hinves swap deal work?

Get the best deal for your piano

We will offer you 100% of the initial purchase value towards the exchange with a higher value instrument (please see the conditions) should you have purchased an instrument from any one of our stores in the past. We would however ask you to request our valuation service where we will give a maximum quote for your piano and will use this as a partial payment towards the new purchase should you have purchased the item from someone else apart from Hinves.

Information regarding sale only

Get the best price

Send us some photographs and the serial number of your piano and we will trade it in with the best possible evaluation should it be a current instrument and we have a market for the instrument.

Assessment procedure

Swift, simple and transparent

We will ask for photographs, the piano serial number and a brief description of the instrument’s general condition. We will carry out an initial assessment and will send a technician out to view the instrument in situ who will confirm the offer and complete the purchase provided that you agree with the price proposal.

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