Hinves has one of the largest piano hire facilities in Europe where you can find the instrument which is ideally tailored to your needs and which fits within your budget.

Hiring with the option to buy

Your dream piano at an affordable price

A hire scheme with the option to buy from just € 59/month

The majority of the pianos which we have in our shop window are available for purchase or they can be hired with the option to purchase. It is a very popular policy among our customers because it allows them to enjoy a piano from day one and to minimize both the costs and risks associated with buying a piano. And you may return the piano free of charge at the end of the minimum term should you wish to do so.


Please review the specific conditions with our sales advisor
Monthly price
Equivalent to 2% of the piano RRP.
Transportation and installation
Upright piano: From € 250 each way.

Grand piano: from € 350 each way

Equivalent to one monthly payment which will be deducted in full after having purchased the piano. This will be refunded provided that the condition of the piano is identical to that at the time the agreement was signed.

Decision to purchase

Information regarding the decision making process

The customer will be entitled to a 100% refund of any hire costs paid up to that point and will also be entitled to any deposit, transportation and removal charges, all of which will be used as a credit towards the purchase of the instrument should the customer decide to buy the piano (at the price quoted at the beginning of the contract) during the first 36 months of the hire period.


You will choose the most convenient option

The minimum duration of the hire period with the option to purchase is six months for used pianos and twelve months for new pianos. Please see the rates for shorter periods of time.


How the hire is finalized after the piano has been delivered

1. By signing the contract and the direct debit mandate (monthly installments will be paid monthly in advance by direct debit). (Please check the requirements)
2. The initial monthly payment, transportation (delivery + removal) and deposit.


We will adapt to the model which is convenient for you.

1. Returning the piano.
2. Purchase the piano you have been hiring.
3. Choose any other piano we have on display and net the accumulated credit balance off against the purchase.

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