We will provide you with a highly specialized sales team so that each pianist is able to find the perfect instrument. Our technicians will select each piano on show both individually and thoroughly.

A range of possibilities

An instrument for life

We have the largest national stock of pianos for all standards. We have your piano. We are convinced that your piano can be found among the options we can offer you within a variety of instruments ranging from initiation through to middle and professional ranges which have been manufactured according to traditional standards.

A wide range of models

In both new and reconditioned pianos
New pianos
You will find a wide range of brand new models in our shop windows which come with all of the guarantees from both the manufacturer and the individual item.
Reconditioned pianos
We have one of the largest fully reconditioned piano fleets which have also been updated and adapted for any type of budget.

The purchasing process

Buying a piano should be straightforward

It is something of an unknown quantity for most people who are buying a piano. This is why Hinves Pianos has a team of advisors and technicians who have been trained, who have the experience, and who are qualified to advise you in every aspect when it comes to choosing an appropriate instrument with each choice made on its merit.

We can settle any doubts

We will be happy to assist you

The options in terms of makes, upright or grand pianos are hugely varied regardless of whether they are new or second hand. On the other hand, they can be purchased directly, hired with the option to buy, or they can be purchased with finance options. People also normally have doubts regarding the potential location, maintenance, accessories, etc…

The Hinves guarantee

Trust holds the key

We place specific emphasis on customer satisfaction and on the after-sales service. We believe that the purchase of your piano should become an enjoyable experience and that you should remain satisfied for the long haul. This is our right hand man for both today and tomorrow.

The perfect instrument

For all levels and requirements

Each piano is considered to have its own soul. Elements such as touch, sound, response and sensations will vary from one piano to another whenever they are manufactured using precious materials. A pianist may occasionally recognize that he wants to fulfill his talent whenever he places his hands on the keyboard of the instrument. Each level has its own instrument and each purse has its own strings.

Further information

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Answer your questions regarding conditions, financing, payments...
General information
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Technical information
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