We will repair your piano either in full or in part at our exclusive centre, both in terms of the equipment or furniture, along with any of its components.

Our own restoration workshop

Your piano in safe hands

We have a piano restoration workshop where essential repair and restoration work for all types of pianos are carried out, with a specific emphasis being placed on Steinway concert pianos using exclusively original spare parts from each of them to make to ensure that the authenticity, the sound quality and the value of each instrument is maintained.

Our restoration centres

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Home restoration and repairs

The doctor at home

Our piano may not be providing the maximum benefits, technical response or sound quality as time passes by. Pianos being used need extra tuning work and adjustments so that their performance level mirrors a piano whose components have been changed. We can assess these tasks at your home and can see the “patient” without any obligation.

Customised budgets

With zero obligation

We offer custom diagnostics for each case. Our work comprises analyzing whether the piano requires a occasional shallow, partial, phased or integral restoration. We work at all levels and on all parts of the piano such as the resonating body, the structure, mechanics and the unit. Ask our technical team to analyze the condition of the instrument and about any work it requires.

Samples of work completed

A new lease of life for your pianos
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