You will be able to enjoy your new piano by using your headphones and with the latest digital technology thanks to the new silent, more precise and more efficient systems.

From acoustic to digital with just the one lever

Soundproofing without compromising on quality

At Hinves, we are professionals in selling pianos and have extensive knowledge about the in-depth operation and the benefits of the silent system, and are also able to advise you about the various makes and models being marketed.

Rapid, economical and efficient soundproofing

Play the piano at any time

In spite of what a number of people think, the silent system can be installed on virtually any type of piano regardless of the make and model. It is not necessary to transport it to our workshops, because in some cases it can actually be installed at home. This device allows the acoustic piano to be played whenever we want using headphones or speakers and it transforms it into a hybrid instrument without you having to play the piano’s acoustic component.

Silent system operation

As easy as operating a lever

Information is sent to the console installed underneath the keyboard via sensors positioned on the keys and pedals from which audio can be output by connecting headphones. A lever is installed adjacent to this which moves a bar protected with felt, and this halts the hammers before they are able to hit the strings. This means that the piano becomes muted and can only be heard through the headphones, although it does retain the same touch and standard keystroke.

Soundproof any type of piano

You needn’t worry about the make of piano

We will install the silent system on almost any model and make of piano.

Virtually 100% of the instruments support the silent system installation. Do not invest in costly resources to soundproof a studio now that you are able to transform your acoustic piano into a digital one within a matter of seconds.

See the budget and conditions

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