We have expert personnel and all of the infrastructure required for transporting pianos on both a national and an international scale

Specialist piano transportation

We make the most complicated things simple

We have a modern fleet of perfectly conditioned vehicles.

Pianoplan caterpillar machines have air conditioning for loading when traveling on stairways, special trolleys, ramps, custom-made coverings and a range of equipment accessories. We make both national and international transfers (we can collect and deliver your piano anywhere in and outside of Europe, America, Asia or Africa among other locations).

Price rate guidelines

VAT and taxes are not included
Basic costs
Transfer of upright piano (ground floor, metropolitan area): € 250.
Transfer of grand piano (ground floor, metropolitan area): € 350.
Moving up/down storeys: From € 20 for upright piano/from € 50 for grand piano
We work frequently throughout the peninsula and are able to offer highly competitive prices when it comes to transferring your piano across the country
We schedule journeys outside of Spain at highly competitive prices using our own vehicles. We specialize in air shipments outside of Europe. Do not hesitate to request a quote.

Crane hire

For impossible access

A corresponding surcharge will be applied for managing and hiring a crane on those occasions where access is not possible via the stairs and the use of a crane is required.

Urgent transfers

Making your piano available in the shortest possible time

We have the capability to make sure the service fits a customized budget should you have to transfer your instrument inside or outside of Spain within a short period of time.

Safety and guarantees

To ensure the integrity of your instrument

Your piano is in safe hands. Our experience boasts over 30 years of exclusive piano transportation. Each instrument is packaged and handled individually as if it were a valuable object. And as if this were not enough, we have a travel and loading insurance policy for which we are responsible from the time the piano leaves the home until the moment it reaches its destination.

Budgeting without a commitment

Custom guidance and advice

We have a logistics team who will provide you with a quote for the transportation service you require in the shortest possible time.

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